Beware ! Its ME here

Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh My Lost Love

Love , the sweetest of all feelings is really the most wonderful substance man have ever discovered. (My statement !)

And those are Lucky who fall in Love :D( again, My stmt :P)

8: 20 am: As usual I wait for my cab , nope ! not really as usual, My eyes wait for something else . Cab arrives and me jump into it to conquer seat next to him . I always sit near him. Still I remain a closed book for him which he tried to open two three times, But with wrong keys!. For me , My day started with him and ended with him .But, I never spoke to him. Our buildings where different , so I met him in day time only when we have meetings. Somehow I managed to get a seat near him in the cab ( morning and evening ) . I loved everything about him. His name Antony , his cream color shirt , silky black hair and what not J. He was brilliant as well as handsome .

Days passed and years !

I still manage to get the seat near him. One day another hyper active girl(vidya) came and took the ‘My seat’ and I really felt sad. She was very talkative and friendly . they became friends. I couldn’t tolerate it. I became sad.

Then another day vidya poke my head and he saw that . I neither commented any thing nor did I show my anger. He went to her and warned her ‘ if she ever tries to hurt me , she will have to face his bad anger .’ Then came to me and told “ no need to worry , she wont tease you any more”. I felt my feelings for him, doubled . I managed to stay in the same place even after 5 years .without even talking, without even letting him know my inner feelings.

Then one day I heard him telling to Vidya that he is moving to another city, he is leaving the town. He told he was moving to idiknalakuda, trichur. And his new uniform color will be white shirt,green pants and green tie. I couldn’t collect guts then to talk to him and tell my love. I failed to tell him that I love him for more than 5 years.

Later on I tried searching him in all sort of ways -emails, orkut, google. But I couldn’t find him. Then I remembered my friend , the famous blogger, Nightingal. I asked her to help me finding him . She told she will definitely help me and agreed to post this as an article in her blog. I hope he reads this and return to me.

Still waiting with oil filled eyes

Yours only Love

Neets. . .

PS : Did I tell you this happened 11 years back. When I was in V std. I fall in love with him when I was in UKG and he moved to another school when we where in Vth.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rasagolla O Rasagolla

After my hands on Maggi ,wine today I again dared to try another recipe . Well its a complete success story I must say :D .


1/2 Liter Milk
1 cup sugar
2 cup of water
1 lemon
2 to 4 tea spoon flour

So the preparation process goes like this

// Procedure for the preparation of Rasagollas

Step 1: Start
Step 2: make the milk boil
Step 3: boiling add lemon juice to it
Step 4: now you can see milk getting thicker and getting separated from water
Step 5: using a cotton cloth separate cheese/paneer from the water and leave it in a strainer until cold and dry
Step 6: now mix the cheese/paneer with 2 to 3 tea spoons of flour and knead it smoothly just like we do while kneading for chappathi
Step 7: make small balls out of it
Step 8: take a pan ,pour the 2 cups of water and one cup of sugar and allow it to boil
Step 9: now slowly add the balls into the sugar syrup .
Step 10:allow it to boil for about 10 to 15 mins
Step 11: allow it to cool and add a drop of rose water for flavoring, I guess
Step 12: keep it in refrigerator for about 2 hours before serving
Step 13: serve cold
Step 14: Print "Success"
Step 15: Stop

PS: I was too excited while cooking ,so in between I forgot to take photos of different stages of the product

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am sorry ??

May be the best thing I could do then was it !!! I am not sure about . For the first time I feel sorry for/about you . I shouldn't be the person to do so.. I know you may not read this . still I am SORRY .

Don't ask me why I feel sorry .. I don't know Why/how today !!! . . But I am sorry, Not for what happened.

PS: I am now trying to be more philosophical or i am turning more philosophical ( well, 100% sure , I agree with the fact that its not my cup of coffee, still people end up in philosophy when other people /things doesn't turn out how they want ) Yes, I want a lot of things so simple yet too difficult

I am not that 'happy' with my present life nor do I wish to change it in fear it may turn wrong. I dare not to change and still continue my present because there is something about it* which makes me forget the whole "not that happy life" thing in one second to a heaven life .

I still believe Nothing is impossible as impossible itself says i m possible , But now i like to change it a bit

Last night a friend of mine called for a favor, which I surly did ! An astrological doubt, how strong is love which turns non believers also to compromise with the other.
Well the story goes like a girl and a boy falls in love . both of them belong to different communities. Now that the boy says the girl that as his community and family is very orthodox about horoscope stuff and their stars doesn't match so it is an impossible now ,even to think about marriage. Hearing this the girl almost fall from her chair, But there is nothing more she can do with out the other person's wish. But she wanted to confirm whether it was true and called me .

I had to say it is better if you don't poke your nose into this, as this a very vast subject and a lot of people interpret it differently . Well, i ended up advising if the other person is not interested then never take next step . I am brilliant I feel a lot of times, as I told her " I know its quiet easy to say and its difficult get used to the real facts" (before she start shouting at me ) but she wouldn't have said, if i didn't say that dialogue then too. she didnt even had presence of mind that she is calling an STD call -talking 55 mins over phone. she was fully doomed in some other thing which I know perfectly . Hope you find your solution soon dear . those are not only words, I mean that from heart :) .

I took blogger to write "Those are really days my heart jump to go back"
I brought the book " The manual of warrior of light" back home to be a show piece in my shelf , I was going through the pages, and I had a good time laughing thinking those wonderful time we had in office. Esp the "gym's back door","The warrior know when and where to stop" ,"The warriors never become sad thinking the past "(those we made) if you guys remember made me think a lot about the time. Bubbly's fake b'day celebration in baskin and robin's to get one extra scoop of ice cream and bubbly's "you all are my colleagues " declaration . . . etc

I think I am doing something I not supposed to do... too much thinking which is really dangerous to my brain. But as doctors detected no such part in my body I hope I stay safe :D

Thanks reading :P
in spite of lot and lots of errors you still reached here ??

Monday, March 23, 2009

For Guys

If you are confused or worried about what to buy as a gift for your girl friend/wife then, I have a solution for the problem :P

Buy a lipstick or a packet of lipstick shaped chocolates
and with that pack write down

"I envy your lipstick. . . with love "

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aye auto !

I am still a person who can be precisely explained as " A dog tail in PVC pipe for 1000 years ,No change" ( My dear sweet readers I made it like that purposefully :P )

Well by now , after joining office I am not that much wandering around as I used to before ,only because of the time constraint I am having, after 'work'( project started :p) I don't even feel to be online . So I was talking, I have lessen my wanderings and now a days if i am to meet a friend outside ,I have some how managed to develop this new feature in me -' makeitlate ( delay 10)'. and I end up in catching auto.

On such a Saturday

Scenario ( Am told to reach Sangumugam beach by 10 .30 am and I still at home thinking what to wear )
Sangumugam ?? beach ?? alone?? girl ?? why ?? to meet ?? whom ?? ( I wrote this if it didn't come across your mind :P )

11 am

Me : Aye Auto ! sangumugam ??
Auto Driver1 : yeah sure !
Me : How much will it cost me ??
Auto Driver1 : Rs 60/-
Me : ok then ,bye

Me : A Auto ! Sangumugam ??
Auto Driver2 : Sure
Me : How much will it cost me ??
Auto Driver2 : meter charge + 5 rs as I wont get return
Me : ( Impressed ) ok then lets go

Reaching there Meter shows exactly 51 rs
I am not having change so I gave him 100 rs note
he gave me 40 rs balance :(
there was no scope for argument so I didn't :|

Another wednessday

Morning 08:05 am
I catch a auto to reach home early so that I can catch my bus on time to office

I tell him 'Quick please' I have to catch my bus my 8' 15 am
on reaching a corner he stops and gets out and go out to buy news paper
I can feel myself my face going red ,but I didn't become angry with him nor did I continued sitting in his auto , I jumped out of it and started walking home ( I missed the bus )

I called a colleague( female ) and told her that I am also there , and I took another auto to her home , This time the auto driver was driving it in -25 km/min , I felt to leave the auto and walk every min i spent sitting in it

Still more !!

On another monday

I caught an auto to go home
after sometime I told him Lets go till we can( due to huge crowd that day I can't take auto till home )
and he asked me where is my native place
I said trivandrum and he started up "no , it cant be , you don't talk like a trivandrumate, you are lying . . .etc
Well I again feel jumping from it

Still I think I may end up catching autos

News updates :
1)Java programing started
2) I, with help of riaz made a website for bubbly (well it looks cool to me :P )(bubbly is keeping it a secret still,which I cant understand why ?? )
3) I feel sometimes that My life has pressed a pause button some where
4) Some one asked me why am not writing anything now a days and I replied nothing is happening , then he asked me why don't you write about 'Nothing is happening'
I had to reply then there will only be a heading saying 'Nothing is happening' beside I think things are almost same just the weather change :P

**And to sangumugam, I went to the ground to practice 'H' for car driving license

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My simplest Life

I don't want a month missing my blog archieves so thought of making my readers bore again - " I am sorry ".

May be this month is the most stable and unhappening period of my time -not really - there are things happening around ( bubbly is getting married ) and I am now again into java, I have joined for yoga and even more if you think . But If I am asked about my life now I guess this is what it is exactly now . .

wake up -eat- drink-ohh again I forgot- brush- dress up- run( to the bus stop)- jump - (into the running bus) - reach office- start the system( 09:00 am)- talk and disturb all near me( after some time say around 10 mins they get busy :( ) - (09 :00 am ) I ask "Coffee ?"- (09-10 am ) "Coffee ?"- (09-20 am ) "Coffee ?"- (09-30 am ) "Coffee ?"- (09-40 am ) "Coffee ?"- (09-50 am ) "Coffee ?"- (10-10 am ) "Coffee ?"- (10-20 am ) "Coffee ?"-finally goes for coffee- come back by 11:00 am browse for a while- I chat in the local chat- call my friends one or two some times- 12: 30 pm - great - lunch- 1 pm - i make plans to go out- to have a milk shake- or a juice- or icecream- others reject the plan- well back at the desk by 01:05 pm- again googling- I feel sleepy- or even at times - I imagine myself sleeping ( Infact sleeping :P) - its 03 :00 pm great- 03: 05 pm - well I have to write here in detail every minute I count till 03: 45 pm - I say "lets go to the pantry ?"(snacks time ) - by 04:00 pm we are in pantry eating and drinking with a byte(I mean Byte itself, its not a spelling mistake ) of talk - back in the seat by 04 :30 pm - again count down- but this time the time goes quite fast- may be I feel - as its just one and half an hour more - system shows 05 :00 pm- wow - one hour- I browse - I plan the things what not to do after coming back home and exactly end up doing those- wow 05:40 Pm - I talk to my neighbours- now a days RR seems more serious- or his stock had a shortage is still a mistry- its 05: 55pm - this quick- I shut down my sytem - outside the office - waiting for the company transport- bus comes- 40 mins travel - I reach home by 06:50 pm- I sit in front of the computer- for around 2 hours( which I had planed and desided not to do and wasted much time in office ) - I usually skip my dinner -i feel sleepy- I lie down for sleeping- I dont remember when I sleep .

**My new - java- live-project starts tomorrow , so can expect a busy week ahead :D