Beware ! Its ME here

Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Realisation, It happens !

It is really very amazing to be in a university campus, especially with more than 20000 undergraduate students who has time for everything. Every other week there will be new stalls with new products or ideas. 

This particular thing caught my eyes on my way to lunch a week back. No one to blame, it was my sole decision to take part in it and see what the result will be. With few small tests, this stall will tell you whether you are a left brainy or right brainy. As my dear friend puts it “We, the logical people would love to get ‘you are right brainy’ card”. 

I went to the booth, registered myself to know which side of my brain works best. First, I went to the right brain section, they gave a set of 7 alphabets to make 10 words out of it in one minute or less than that. If you are wondering what happened, your guess is correct. I failed to make ten words. So they told me politely, please move to the next test. The test was … I still don’t know what test was, to arrange some colour patterns. Needless to say, I failed again. So, not definitely a right brain person. I should have concluded that I am left brainy and left the stall. Instead I went on with tests for left brain. I thought I did pretty well in that, but was not good enough. They said I am not a left brainy and asked me to take right brain test. Little did they know I had already failed that. So it turns out that I am not a left brain person either. 

So there is nothing to conclude unless I want to conclude I am brainless.. ha ha

Belated Valentine’s Day wishes to all :)