Beware ! Its ME here

Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Viva Voce

Ramu : Good Morning Sir .
Sir : Good Morning ; What is your name ?
Ramu : Ramu , Sir.
Sir : Ok ,So Ramu can we start the session ?
Ramu : ( nodded his head )
Sir : Tell me which is you favorite subject
Ramu : ( After a pause ) All are . . .
Sir : ... Hm mm ... What is your aggregate ( %)
Ramu : ( answer less )
Sir : do you have supplies ( arrears)?
Ramu : (Nodded head as it makes Yes)
Sir : How many ?
Ramu : ( After a pause ) That is . . .
Sir : tell me , More than 5 ?
Ramu : yes
Sir : More than 10 ?
Ramu : yes
Sir : More than 15 ?
Ramu : yes
Sir : ( After a pause ) I am not going for more . Relax , I won't bother you for viva then .
Ramu : ( happily ; prepares to leave the hall assuming that the sir will give him a pass mark )
Sir : Ramu , Sit down, let me ask you some questions atleast .I will do a different kind of viva voce for you today , ok ?
Ramu :(Sadly) Ok sir.
Sir : Tell me how many papers do you have in your course ?
Ramu : ( After deep thinking ) 55 no 54.. no no 55
Sir : Hmm, Tell me the name of the subjects
Ramu : ( Thinking . . . . . . )
Sir : Ok, tell atleast half of them.
Ramu : Starts telling and says around 15 to 16 subject names .
Sir : hm, these all papers you had arrears . right ?
Ramu : ( nodded head as it makes Yes)
Sir : Now you will tell me the names of all subject you have had to study
Ramu : Sir. . . That is . . .
Sir : If you dont remember then go and bring me the syllabus from your teacher.
(Ramu had to go and collect the syllabus from his teacher )
Sir : now read that once and then tel me.
This time Ramu says almost around 40 to 45 subject names )
Sir : Ok, all the best for your exams , study well. you can go.
Ramu : Thankyou, Sir .

PS: This is a true incident( Viva voce of a B'tech student) and was very funny hearing; If you does nt find it funny, then my writing ruinned it ; sorry

R & R Co.

Ms. X: Why have you kept the calender like this; you fool
RR: That because.....

Ms X: I guess You must keep this the other wise so that you have the purpose served ( and she turns the calender to the other side)
Oh, its . . . . .2007
RR: That's the reason I kept it like that :)

RR : CC ; I have wished you Happy Birthday . Why are you coming here again ??

RI : I talk to CC in English and improve my language ; That's the only reason I talk to her ( May be the dialogue was a mistake :P ; so called slip of tongue)

RI : Hey RR; You got cell phone from VP ; great man
RR: Man; VP is very innocent guy; we misunderstood him ; after continuous asking the phone for two hours he gave it for two minutes :|( That was for an urgent cal )

LAV: RR can you ask the driver to play songs.
RI : I can't tel him to play songs; If you need I will sing for you ..

PS1: The Renjini aunty caller ( In "Two wrong calls") called me again to tel me that he is going back to sharja and said he wil cal me from there :P( Haven't called yet :P)

Happy Diwali

Wishing all of you a very gr8 time :)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Its now been more than two months I am regularly passing this place, and there is not even a single day which could block me away from thinking of this place.
This is a bridge which is constructed across the aakulam kayal (Trivandrum )

The view of the kayal from the bridge has a very magnetic attraction ,may be only for me .
And Can you imagine what I feel about it when I pass by.....??

My heart( yes ! I have one ) starts to beat faster, more faster and then it tells me

Ready Steady JUMP....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simply NOthing

It is said that Opposite attract ....But it is not said that for how long ??
If real life means fear,pain and nothing more...then is n't that better not to live in real life?? To live in a dream in a real world...

Well Now, I am having problem with my silent busy readers who have time to peep into this page but not to answer questions ... may be, you guys too having only questions to ask me ? and being a reader is much much far difficult thing than to write ... I know and may be you have questions like
why am i writing ??or why am i not thinking of deleting my blog??...wouldn't that be a gr8 idea??...truly I thot about deleting this page..last night ( for a secret dump reason ) but This page is still here and will be here as it was a very painful effort of someone else who had taken the responsibility to improve INDIA :) and this page some how shows some improvement ...thats my readers opinion ... :)

Thank you !!!

PS 1: as I always say I am not totally insane.... still more to add on..
PS 2: sorry for that question " How much will you pay tips to a waiter in a Bar ??"
may be only those people who doesn't go to a bar read my blog :)
so here it is for you guys
P 3 : How much will you pay tips in a hotel ??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Its Maaa DAY :)

Hai friends,

Remember me ?? I am the same old friend of yours, Mr.Nightingales Thoughts, remember. This night Nightingal just poped in to tell me one thing which I purposefully forget to find somebody remembers me , and yeah she do remember :) . Guess Whats That

Yes..Hurray I am 1 year old...Its ma birthday

I am really excited .Really she tooo...When we started our late night special dates through blogs we never dreamed about how we will celebrate my first birthday .But this time she was a bit authoritative...she was telling me "Your life is a gift from the Creator. Your gift back to the Creator is what you do with your life." ( I know she asked google bai to find this ) but let me ask you...what am I supposed to do when she controls my life. :|..But this day I don't want to make a quarrel as Its a special day of my life and off course for her as well..I know what all may she say..I know she is in Ninth cloud, at least 5Th cloud thinking that I am still functioning properly :) .

And Unknowingly the day is here
And I wonder what to tell
And what not to tell
And the main part I want to tell is

That I am happy today
About the 365 days I covered

Around the sun
Around the world
Around the net
Around the blogs

Wondering how fast things move
Wondering how fast things change
Wondering how fast things come
Wondering how fast life is .

365 days took me to
Be one year old
And I am happy that
I am here to celebrate the day

Hurry.....Its maa Birth day
Its maa Birth day :)

Oooops, My time is up :(..she wants the system back now..I guess she is not gonna complain about me..Well she wont I know ..she loves me :)
She will kill me...IF i took a bit more time ( How many of you thought That Will be a gr8 idea if she does so ??) I know I am Insane,Stupid, foolish, Idiot, and lot more...But I can confidently say I am not completely stupid,foolish,idiot..still some parts are missing :)..

forgive me friends I am too small kid , and have the right to do mistakes :P

She is leaving.. c yaa later...Bye take care ....

PS : How much will you pay tips to a waiter in a Bar ??

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Wrong Cals

First One

I got two miss calls...and irritated with that I kept by cell near PC so that next time I get to take the cal with in small time . That worked out. :)

He : Hellon ! hows every things ! whats news Malayalees !!!
ME : Let me know who is this
He : ohh so you don't rem me :(
Me : I am sorry, I don't, If you can tell your name ...
He: so if i tel my name ,you will recognize me
Me : May be
He : ...................
( ooops , I forgot what he said ,his name was )
Me : I don't know any one with this name , I guess its wrong number .
He: But I do know yours
Me : so whats my name
He: well is that necessary that I must tell you your name
Me: yes, you must
He : actually i don't know ; but i called you for true friendship
Me : so for true friendship you can tell me how you got my number
He: whats with that, let us leave that apart
He : so whats you doing now .we can be good friends ,its your choice You can take the call or if its a disturbance, I won't be calling you again .
Me: hmmm, I am busy doing nothing I don't think I must waste my time doing anything and as this talk is taking my precious time ,i think its time to cut the cal and one more thing . Yes offcouse its a disturbance, please don't call again


Second One

1 miss call
next time he called
He: hello
Me: hello
He: hello
He: hello
Me: hello
He: hello
He: hello
Me: hello
He: hello
He: hello
Me: hello
He: hello
He: hello
Me: hello
He: hello
He: hello
Me: hello
He: hello

one min went like this and he cut the call....

Second time

He :hello, rengini aunty ! I have arrived at nedumbassery airport
Me : wow ! so was that journey safe.
He: yeah, it was
Me: so when are you coming
He: As you are not here to receive me how can I :(
Me: Hey didn't you see my driver who I send for picking you up, you missed him I guess
He : This isn't rengini aunt's voice, who are you .
Me: This isn't your voice as well
He: What ?????
Me : well.....It is nt...keep the phone off and go for sleep ..


Third time

He : hello
He: hello
Me : hmm Hello
He : i am sorry, It was a mistake in dialing number, I am sorry
Me: That's fine, so you got your rengini aunty and You had a safe arrival ,that's nice
He: I am really sorry.
Me : fine, Have a nice day ,gud nite


PS : After soo many days ...I had wrong calls today .....
PS2: do any one want the numbers :P ( Both are guys :P)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today, Late night I came to know that some one hates Me because I am COOL and Recommended another to hate me for I being Cool !!!

What is that supposed to be ?

PS : I was happy when I heard someone thinks I am Cool :) and Unfortunately for her , she made My day .

Thanking her :)

The Ultimate Flop Gal

I am a flop !!!

Well I am not supposed to do this kind of adv of myself...If no one else is saying then...i thought at least I must ,just for a sake, telling that... :)

PS :As all of you know , I am lieing :P