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Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


hhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo God, such a place in trivandrum, for a sec i taught i have reached banglore or some northern part , but what a eye cooling place :P, i just sited two girls wearing churidar there, that were we :(, all others in ultra modern jeans, small tops .....such a place i never expected to be in trivandrum, atleast by dressing we need to match with them else they will treat us like seeing some thing in zoo, same as we treat them :P,and one thing that its much crowded place tooo.....the rates are much costly...But who cares that , who have time to care about that....and as usual , like other ice cream parlors they take much time to make( with in the time we forget what have ordered ) what ever drink we order but one very big thing i noticed is that they never tell u to leave the place, how long u need to sit u can sit and talk and they will never come to you and ask about the billing also, and when you ask about the bill,again it will take at least 20 mins to come ,its a good place for couples , no one will disturb you there , and i can tell you one will dare to show you to your parents as well, becoz all who come there will be having some spl reason to be there, i guess we may be the first ones to go the place to see hows that place :|...The main point is that no one cares the food there i guess, all come there for some spl purpose as i told earlier...

It will be fun if we go there with a lot of friends and for a get together then teh experience will be really good fun, that we will get a lot of item to be tasted :D

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Unexpected

When u feel u go and jumping into trouble for yourself then who can help the after effects.....well its too true that no one can help u ...and if they can then dont have any right to ask for help....NO you dont have any rite to ask for help can u make your self get into a trouble too easily and ask for help .if u do so ,u r too waste to face the trouble u have create .if u create a trouble u should have the guts to face it at any cost of course u need to have.. some confidence in you that u can fight for ur trouble ...When u know u r the how can u call for a who creates have only the rite for destruction too...its not what i am the universal law.. that God creates he destroys....but here i am the creator of my problem ..My i should be destroying it ..with no help if i can...what will u do if some one calls u too bad ..for nothing u did and the only reason is that u r a girl , he feels ..if u tell him that its your mother...if he feels bad for his mum, not for the person he is talking with ...he never respect the gal he talks with or any other , when he shows an attitude change for a girl or a guy...just a time pass he thinks ..well he should only respect his family...why does nt he feel others also have feelings and even family...y dont he feel he started...

y dont he feel ....

It was about 9.40 pm , i was with my mum and sister talking in bedroom and i got a missed call from an unknown number ,first i taught that it can be a mistake and didnt care ,after about 5mins again from the same no, again miss call...i taught may be some one dnt have balance need me to cal them and i called back and asked whos that...then

"Shyamee nee vilikam ennu paranittu vilikattaenta" ( shyamee y didnt u cal after u told u wil call)

i got a bit confused hearing such a name ( i always think wild , i was thinking about a male shyam who should be attending the call ,i was thinking is my voice that hard that he mistook me as a guy ,etc)i asked him hellow who do he want that time and etc then again he asked the same question and then asked mee whether its medical college hostel , then i taught that it may be any of my friends wanna play with me for a sec and after that i understood that ,its been less than 30 sec i talked and understood that it was a wrong miss cal...i told him that its a wrong number and dont miss cal me again and cut the cal...

After 5 mins he called mee again and started to fire mee,, like that it was a mistake in a digit i could have talked much better ...and i hate people firing mee with no reason so i too started that is this the time to cal a gal for the first time and at late night do he expect some unknown gal to talk with him much better where i have only told its nt me who he was trying.and i can also get a cal from any of my friends who is nt there in my addr book and etc i too told and of course he felt that its like to waste his money and get fired!!!

the next day around 5 pm again i got missed cal , i called back and asked him , hellow now i guess u know that i am nt the person who u r trying then why did u miss cal me now, then he told me that he didnt had balance to cal me and need to tel sorry for what happened yesterday , that his friends fired me last night, i told him , no one can fire mee unless there is some mistake i have done , so nothing like that happened and in fact they got fired and kept the phone, he told me that he didnt sleep that night because he feared a lot of what all his friends told to me ..i told I could have made his sleep miserable or

i could have called the customer care and cancelled the connection ..He told me thinking about that only he called me now...i corrected ( hellow i called u ..hmmm)

He told that he have nt seen girls like that and if i never had any prob can be friends and so.. and i gave a lot of advices to him and never to call a girl for first time that late and so on...then i have talked with him two more times just i was listen ...after that one sunday he started smsing mee like he liked me and he wish to see mee ; in all this was was picture messages so i didnt understand what he was meaning by that, a lot of picture sms came from him to me that day and i didnt understand ...just I taught he is forwarding me some messages...and one among them was an 'i love u' sms, later that day when i told abt the sms to my frnd he told me that its not like am thinking and its this time a bit different...then i tried to cal him and he smsed mee that he wil cal me at 10 pm nite..i become angry and sms back that how do u expect me to take your cal after 10 pm....He is too miser to call..and i really wished spend some money of his so when the call came i took it and it was 10.40 pm and he told me good evening and i told back good night, he asked me " wat"

i told its already 10.40

he: so

me : so its good night

he : ok , bye and cut the cal

then some days after he miss cal me again and i called him back and asked y do he miss cal mee he told he was gonna call mee and then i told ok call me and cut the cal..

he called and we where boasting each other and then i told that i can join my company microsoft as my its my bf's company " he have one way afair with me and so and etc" then he asked some thng rubbish about me and i asked him back , is this the way his parents have teached him to behave ..and i told i dont like any one telling bad things about me and he then asked me what if it was my father , i told him back to imgine him as a girl and his father doing some thng ridicules like that and he lost his temper..and started shouting and then cut the cal..

then after 5 mins he called me back and i cut the cal and again he called and i cut and third time i took the cal..then i got a lot of new words which include mum dad and every one around, but the language was new to me so i cant rem the firings and he then cut the cal...i called him back and i told , ok dont cal me or miss cal me again.. this is the last time " he cut"..again i called and he didnt allow me to complete my dialogue....:|

after a lot of days when our results where published i got a sms from him like

" My dear enemy , let me know ur s6 mark ", good nite, sweat dreams!!

I have nt replied yet :P

Where do all these people come from , When its onam

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My new Journey!!!

As my parents say always...i really get somethng in hand to go or work with....never i am this is a bit worser case but i can tel which infact helped me a lot in developing my char i mean my language attitude etc...

now for the last one month i am in this journey of mine...that its a bit worser job i said is the tendal for our college magazine.....and my role in this is to find new new fishes and thn everythng like

primary investigation

yaa in primary investigation it comes who all we need to go cal , talk and go and meet thm .....that who all we need to meet for out magazine for adds......listing out those kidus is the first job

thn analysis ....wil they much they they give ....whn they give ......and a hel lot of questions to be analysied here

thn plan whn to meet thm, shuld we cal thm and talk thn go and meet or directly go and meet ..wat all reaction we may able to see and wat not ....and alot

thn implementation phase whr we do out all the three process
we meet or cal thm and deside the next step to drop or to continue to persue thm to fal in our net

next is test phase that to collect money we hav only reached till 5 th stage yet....hope we wil soon complet our task and print our magazines out

til now i hav gone or talked ( mostly i hav visited a place at least one time ) to 32 places and only 9 hav responded and we hav made 21,000 ( some pay only after the production ) but this much happend in one month .the thng to be told.....

now the story comes here....that the reaction of each and every one is really diff and we get a lot of personalities to meet every day.......some r really good and most of thm r really worser...hmmm so

1) SBT

we went thr and told abt the thng, we r here for an add in our col most imp thng which became so easy after this was my col name ( nw i tel it much easily :D)...thn they told we need to meet manager of sbt and she is on leave come on saturday.....the first day was a friday.....

we went again on monday and saw her....she told taht we need some other type of letter showing we hav a lot of accounts thr and so we request an add frm thm kind letter....and thn give it to thm

i really tel u very rarly we meet people who give us money with out making us work much

thn we made us a letter and went to give it to her ...thn she told to take a copy of it and give both and in between she told to give the letter in the main office of taht it wil be processed quickly..we went thr and sit thr of a long time thn entered into the room and asked abt the thng....thn the sir thr told we need to give this to that manager lady itself not thr......we came back and she made us took fotostat and we gave her the letter....and whn we asked whn we can knw frm her she told she wil inform the college abt it.......ok as she wish

after two weeks she called and told its sanctioned and come and collect

yaa they agreed to give as a add of 3000 atlast:)

money nt yet collected....she is making much excuses for that too i guess......

2)Hindustan Latex

yaa second place it was hindustan Latex...its an govt institution but then too we dared to go and ask for an add from there....its too near to our college and so we, me and my frnd went there by walking , there they have a lot of rules like we need to tel who we need to meet for what purpose , the entry time , the exit time and much things..they wil give us a form to get in and we need to get that signed went we come back and give that back to the security...that is the system there in general...

we went -> they asked who we wanna can we know who do we need to see-> then we told the reason that why we are here and then they told to go and meet a person " sir jayaraj"...
and gave us the form...he is in the advertisement dept. there..i guess...we went inside and asked and get into his room and there one man was standing inside the room and checking some files then i told him sir we are here for such and such thng..and etc..then he told yaa will tel the sir and he wil cal you and they wil respond ...

we then taught he is nt the man we need to meet and we came back and gave the form to the security and sign out form there and cam back to col...

after two weeks i told my frnd the editor , that we can once again confirm whether they wil give or nt....she told we will call and ask and then i called him form her cel..and its too difficult to get a person there in cal ..i understood and thn we went there to see him directly that we got it confirmed that he is there in we again went to see him...

made the pass and took the form and we entered the same room again and then we saw the man we talked that day was now siting in the chair of entered the room and asked about the progress then he told us that no need to worry about the add..they will surly give one add for us...and mostly it will be an 3000 , no need to come again there..they wil send the things like order form and add to our coll..he was really friendly man ..though he is in a very high position he really talked very nicely and after 3 weeks we got their request for an add in our magazine for 3000

they wil only pay after the magazine is produced:(

3) Saraswathi Jewellary

We buy a lot of things from there..especially my mum use to buy gift for the institution she working in and so we really have good connection with them...i just went and asked for an add..he told me to sit and wait one min..he was dealing with a customer then came to me and told mee just tel the minimum amount ..i wil give the add...i told no he shuld atleast but an better add and he agreed and gave an add of rs 1500/- ready cash that day itself...really very rarely we get change to meet people like him....and we really feel very happy dealing with the kind.....

4) Kollam supreme

As we are gals only collage these jewelers will be benefited more as we say while advertising......i hav by now visited more that 3 kollam supreme shops .til now i am searching for the main branch....where ever we go they tell another shop in another place as their head.....

:| , still searching for the head shop ...plzz help:D

5) Jewel Hut

God , what i can tel about the place.....i really felt my fact my one wish came true in unwanted and unpleasant moment like that.....i felt myself invisible.....can u believe that, i too didnt but it was true that for a sec i felt am invisible , cant this man hear mee cant this man see mee situation....while i was talking the man did nt see at mee at all and after everythng...a big time of by throat work he told " we are giving adds in tv channels " so not interest

cant he tel this before....y did he want mee to talk as if it was a comedy show going on thr....

never go to this place to buy anythng.....>:P

6) Variety fancy

Another nice place to be in....but they didnt made us wait of tell much..the shop was fully thickly crowded, and we went inside and asked , we gonna realize a magazine this year ..can u give us a add>>>

sorry we dnt have money to give an add

this was the comment from the person...when the place is fully crowded......i wished to tell thm but i was nt i rem it i could have told like after coming outside ..

i wish if i could tel him ok sir give me two or three set of jewels i wil make an add for u....:D

was a good bargain indeed

7) IpM

this is an institution where all the science students go for all kinds of lab classes

so i taught that we may get an add frm they wil have a good profit from that tooo....lot of juniors may to their institution seeing the add ...this is what i taught.....

we went there...the principal was in a class so i took his number and came back home
then i called him next day morning...and talked to him..

The man i talked with is really very great man, the way he told mee NO was also in an very appreciable manner that i told him , nice talking with you sir and thnk you...

He told me that , its a institution which runs for only practicals and that too from morning 6 to evening 7 pm and he need to pay for the staff and they only charge very low for the students coming there..and if he gave one add to one college then seeing that all other college students will also come and ask for the add and it will be very diffcult then...

really is nt the way of answering, good .......:) ,,there is difference between educated people and the other...i felt that here

8) Rani Tex
never a prob..she is a stud in our college and a junior,....just told her details and asked her to cal and she called the next day and told she will come with money and add on the next monday...

we got and add of 2500 :)

9) Revathy Jewelery

" Waste man ever i saw in my life " declaration :(

whn i went there first he told mee to come some other day...then when i go that day..he gave me add and told will give money later......was treating mee like a bugger...:(

i really wish if i can get money frm him....but...who wil tie the bel to the cat....situation...i dont wanna go again...

10) Remya Travels

Our tour coordinator, as i was the tour coordinator from college this time i had a very good relation ship with the fellow and when i called him and told abt the add he agreed and told to meet him at his office...went to meet and decided the add and he told that he wil make ready the cheque with in two days and wil cal mee...and with in two day he called and we got the cheque in hand....of rs 4500....

11) Looks

This is a ladies garment shop..about 8 times we would hav gone see the owner...never he wil be last my frnds found him..and talked and they agreed to give an add of 1500..i called him at nite and thn he bargained and made it 1200..what can wee doo....:(( then to get the money i needed to go 3 times and when i went to get the money and add they asked us can we put an color add for the money ..i told i can put color add but rate cant be the same..then he asked can i put a two half page ( ie full page ) add for them , i told of course i can put if they give mee two half page money...

finally got the money and add in hand after around 11 or 12 visits ....i guess


We went to meet a particular person there so that our job can be done easily there....but when we went there the so expected person was nt there so we asked if we can meet the manager and gave the request we had in hand..they asked us to sit and we sat down...started looking magazines etc...time pasted we took our seat at around 5 pm and it was arond 5 20 pm..not responding...5.30 pm not responding...i dnt knw wat really they taught of us....may have they taught that we came to bhima to read papers ....when it become 5.30 pm i became restless and i went and asked the lady shuld wee wait more ....then she told yes one min and thn after around 15 mins we where called and able to meet the manager ..told everythng to him..he told he wil discuss abt the matter and wil contact us with in 3 days wich was a saturday...else asked us to contact him...neither did he or nor did i contact each other......


13)Maharaja Studio

have you ever seen an owner coming him self for an advertisement, yaa i know there are people who think if they do them self than a model, it can be better and they will them self too...i dont know how much it will be successful...The owner the story is also the same kind..he have an exhibition hall for the display of his risky vists in different places all over the world etc...we went and met the manager..he told us will recommend for at least and minimum amt...then we went directly to meet him but was nt able to meet him...he s too busy man..and so they told they will respond but...nt yet..

But it was good seeing his the hall....

14)Vasan Eye Care

Hi Fi place, we went we r dirt ...when we entered into the place, First impression will only be there till the second still we feel the same every time we go there...Fully around 5 storied building AC with 54 inch TV, and waiting seats with too soft material and can explain that tv in every floor and seats too like that...

First time they told us to wait and then after some time we talked to the manager (adds) there and his bargaining what like asking 10 rs thng for 1 rs....then he told me to call him on monday..i did call..but he didnt take and til friday i try calling him and " The airtel no you are trying is currently switched off ,plz try later ", then i called on friday to the land no of the office and asked abt the person then i came to knw the sad thing that he resigned from the place the next day we met him....again we need to go and the process again...they then agreed for an inside back page and the rate was also ok....then after two weeks the person called mee and wake mee up from my sleep...hmm he called that early told me that they cant do the back page and will give inside page those they want to encourage us in our work so come and talk to the some other man.....

had to go there again....and to this man ..In my life , for the first time i felt no one can talk to him, i really had a feeling that i can beat anyone in talking....he beated mee :((....(its a secret :P)

actually i didnt talk at all....any ways he wont understand anythng wat i tel..:|

that kind...then agreed for an add after all for 3500/- at last frm 10000/-


havnt collected the money yet...but have made them sign the order form ;)

15) Niveda

wow god..there are very good people on earth.....yaa we really wil feel well when we go for such a place and for the first time in life

its an lady cosmetic shop..but really admirable place....just we went and talked to the lady owner there..she told mee that her husband not in the shop and he is out of station and wil inform her husband when he comes and call her on wednessday next time..i called and then she gave call to her husband, he told mee that he have just reached back and if can meet once then it will be good..i told wil come today evening 7 pm sir..thank you, i went but...unfortunately he was nt there..and the lady owner told us SORRY that we where there with out any use..cant imagine some one telling sorry when its our need to meet the person...the next day i called the owner and went to meet him at 7 pm same time and we got an add of 1500/- ready cash...

its really rare whn it happen in 3 times and with no insults ......thanks that such people do exist


The Best Place Ever >>>

we went around 3 offices to find our real destination ......first place we went and asked abt the
where we need meet the marketing manager there, the man told some office in another side..but one good thing in my place is that the city is small and so no need for much travel...thats a good thing....but we dont have any vehicle ..hence thats a small prob..never mind when we are under and studious personality development class...for freee....=))

went to the second office with the name we got from the first office..and asked here , they asked hell lot of questions like which dept, which office, whats the full name :|

how can we know :(

then we told the office place and one customer there told us that she will show the exact office and took us through secreatiat for the first time in life ...with her we where able to go thro and we reached the real office
and thanks to god that the security know the name of the person and told us first floor..when we reached he was shouting at some man for some small thing :(...then next was our chance..we entered and he asked when the magazine will be realized and we told and he told there is nt any number to contact and a lot of probs in our request and they need to keep that in some committees and will inform us after that...has nt yet informed.....:|

and our journey has not yet come to an end and in between we r now facing a serious trouble..which comes regularly in six months durations ( exams ) so its a bit postponed for the time been and need to start as early as our trouble get over and we hope that we will accomplish our aim and come to our destiny with in or in April.....long time :(

As i told we have gone through around 33 places and considering my viewer and as i dont have the guts to loss him , considering him i am stoping this article here....for a while ....wil be updated after some times :P

if i get some thng interesting or at the end when we finish our task...:)