Beware ! Its ME here

Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Inviting Advices

Inviting Advices irrespective of Gender/Nationality/Caste /Creed/Profession any one can advice me in this forum

You can advice me in the following Problems of mine or any other general advices are also welcome

1) Temptation to talk in class (while teachers teach ) and make others talk to me .

2) Well I don't want any one else to make me jump into troubles . I my self is too good to jump into troubles .

3) Irresistible temptation to quarrel( It is only found with specific people )

4) I sleep almost 22 hrs a day( If cond. 1 is not applicable ). Rest 2 hrs I spent on eating food or be online.

5) I still hate to work or study :|,even though i get paid for that :P

Now you can start your work ( to advice me ) ... :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Small Escape :P

This is real chat log ; just the names are altered :)

R I: ninakku sthiram readers okke undo?
Nightingal: to ma blog??
Nightingal: yeah..i hav a sthiram reader
R I: anonymous alle?
Nightingal: yeah
R I: athu aarennu ninakku ariyaamo?
Nightingal: yeah i knw
R I: aana pennaa?
Nightingal: boy
Nightingal: or he is Man
R I: nammade praayam?
Nightingal: no
Nightingal: elder
R I: o i c
R I: married or single?
Nightingal: single ..
R I: o i c
R I: :-?
R I: ithra kahstappettirunnu ninte blogs vaayikkanamengi ninne BHAYANGARA ishtamaayrikkanam
R I: =))
Nightingal: alla....ishatamyirikam,ariyilla...he tells he want me to improve
R I: k.. ninakku improve cheyyaan othiri undu .
R I: but u have very good observation .. u know wat to write ... hats off for that
Nightingal: may be he too thnks so
R I: who?
R I: ooo .. illa anonymous
Nightingal: :)
R I: yes it is good to have a godfather
R I: :)
Nightingal: oh no...he is nt godfather....he is ma Well wisher
Nightingal: :D
R I: but he directs u right?
Nightingal: yes he does
R I: then he is ur godfather ..
R I: what does he do for a living ?
Nightingal: there are a lot of people who guides u alle ? ..
Nightingal: he is a student
R I: student in what?
R I: still in high school?
R I: =))
Nightingal: 'idea' May be becoz of that he haven't said about that yet to me....may be he is still in skool
R I: so u havent met him then?
R I: i thought u knew him
Nightingal: i knw him.
R I: k
R I: does he have a blog?
Nightingal: yeah
Nightingal: he does
R I: can i see that?
Nightingal: i will ask him abt that
R I: y is that not a public blog?
Nightingal: ya that is .. but I am selfish ! I dnt wish to loss a reader of ma blog :P
Nightingal: hey.... mum calling dinner time
R I: ohkk if thats the case
R I: bye
R I: escape
Nightingal: catch up later
R I: :P
Nightingal: nope
R I: yup

PS1: Sorry for non malayalam readers :P

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today 18th Aug 2008, was a perfect day in office except the fact that there was a test and I scored the least . I am back, where I belong to .

Saturday, August 16, 2008


On 4th august 2008 I joined Ernst & Young; so now I am Employed :D

1. E & Y is a Very cool place to be in ( I mean AC )

2. You will surly put on weight ( sitting in one place and more consumption of horlicks and snacks)

3. No sir /No madam ( nothing matters if they are of your grand father's age or more )

4. The thing I hate is the two guys who sit near me ( They are too much to them self )

5. There are four clocks which shows four different times ( India, and some or all Middle east countries as our clients are The E&Y Middle East )

6. You can easily go abroad from here.Believe me ; In fact By now I have been into Singapore and planing to visit Sydney, Dubai ,Egypt and more like Sun, Moon , and if possible almost all of them ( The corner rooms here are named by the names of countries and planets :P)

7. They are people who believe in building relationships on doing things right.( How will you know what is right and what is wrong :-? )

8. There is a color full pantry and lot of tea, coffee..(now a days food is what I look everywhere , :P)

9.Our working Platform is still a suspense ( do they plan to surprise us or shock us :-?)

10.Planning to start my own business ; What about a Cigarette Company :> ? (If only these IT people buy my stuff ,surly with in a year, i will be rich than Bill Gates )

11. Still Under Class room training , only this much I was able to notice in between my research in sleep ; updates will be done later for sure