Beware ! Its ME here

Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

My best Way !

The best way to do a thing is not to do it. :P


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love Again :)

From the beginning , I knew I love him, But never know how much i did.

Some days back I realized how much I do Love him* , her+ , Them .

I can Certainly Live without YOU
But , I cant , without THEM.**

How much true is this !

We can't tolerate it when the smallest pin hurts them, But we don't even think of it when it comes from us.

I didn't understand the depth of the above sentence as such. I had to experience it myself to understand the meaning of it.

I am lucky I know it at least now, I know whats my priority . :P

*( Father )

+ (Mom)

** (* & +)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lack of topic

Hi all,

One Month - No notice - I am sorry !- lack of interest - lack of topic- lack of skill- or lot of attitude - what ever you cal it - I was truly out of mind -otherwise i would have scribled something in here. in between i tried to acquire some correct english knowledge- after that even, i tried to write something but i got looped up in between the "may,might , could , would, shall,can or could " thing.

I had to take a long break; back to be in place. now i am free of confusions and out of the loop - say- back in track - with lot of mistakes .

So - Two days back - in the middle of road- inside a moving auto - girl in green saree - guy in blue T shirt -French Kissed - leaving me alone to wonder where am I, for a sec or two.

On a different note - even a lot of people wont believe/disagree what i am gonna say. I successfully completed taking class for S3 C programing paper for 4 students - with a lot of telephonic class i had to attend from a small Yet to be Prof fellow ..

Thank You :) (Never bother to say welcome as comment :P )