Beware ! Its ME here

Police recognized me and let me off with a warning that I should not blog again..But unfortunately I was born with the nature to do or try what I am not supposed to do. My blog is also an after effect of my trying (:P) in spite of the warning I got from the readers who went through the page with out even a warning.

So now I thot of writing a warning message for all those get to see this wonderful page.

solemnly promising you that,this page will never reach up to any writing standard and will be full of junk materials.So I warn U:-Unknowingly if you have come to this page,"Close this window now",else U will feel too bad that you didn't , later on. OR else, if you dicide to proceed I am NO one to stop u, But then it is at your own risk !!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love marraige and Running Race !

As part of our discussion I was trying to be more eg giving person , well for what sort of reason , I have no idea.

But ,I was telling , Its like a running race with a clause that you just need to cover the distance (love marriages) you have run half the distance successfully ie: fall in love , now there is only half more distance to go , so keep up the spirit, keep running, you will reach the end successfully. (ie parents permission)

Yes babe you are right, she said. but I have a small difference of opinion with your comparison.
In the second phase of the running race, the rule is altered a bit. The ribbon ,the one you have to touch once reaching the end also starting running. . .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Water Apple Jam !

This time it was water apple's luck . . .


Water apple : 1 cup
Sugar : 1/2 cup
vanilla essence : 1 tea spoon


Grind the water apple in a mixer without adding anything. Water apple itself has a lot of water in it, so you will not need to add more water to it.

Pour the purée into a wide-mouth pan, add sugar and cook in medium heat.

Use a long handle spatula to stir. Keep on stirring every 30 seconds, so that the mixture will not get burned in the bottom of the pan.

Once the water from water apple starts evaporating and it becomes pasty, you can switch of the heat at any consistency you like, like a sauce or jam.

Add the vanilla essence, and mix it well.

Let the it cool off, bottle it and enjoy :)

finally the YUMMY jam is ready and edible :D